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The Complete Idiot's Guide to NASCAR
by Brian Tarcy (Paperback - June 2001)

I was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio. I live in Massachusetts. These are not exactly NASCAR hotbeds and yet I am the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to NASCAR."

I learned that if you can drive a car, you are a fan of NASCAR - you just may not know it yet.

If you check out my book and watch a few races you'll look at your own car from a new perspective. I promise. I didn't know I was a fan of NASCAR until I became one. And then it was an "Oh, I get it" moment.

"Fast cars." Yes, my book is about those two little romantic American words and so much more.

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Tarcy's tale is a good read even for fanatics of the sport. Along with the basics to aid the novice, there are fascinating chapters on NASCAR's history, on race strategies, on legendary drivers and on what's called "Thirteen Seconds of Organized Chaos - the Pit Crew." --CAPE COD TIMES

"The Complete Idiots Guide To NASCAR is witty, fast-paced, and just plain fun. Oh yeah, whether you're a new fan, or someone who's followed NASCAR for years, you will come away learning a great deal about the sport." --Art Weinstein, Managing Editor NASCAR Scene

"The evolution of racing is happening before our eyes. This book is easy and fun for the rookie fan with plenty of interesting information to enlighten the even veteran race fans. Everyone is up to speed by the final chapter!" --Breon M. Klopp, Senior Director of Motor Sports PIT Instruction & Training

"From 'Start your engines' to the checkered flag, Brian Tarcy's Complete Idiot's Guide to NASCAR provides an insider's look at NASCAR motorsports. The Idiot's Guide is an accurate yet entertaining glimpse into what 75 million fans call 'racin.'" --R. Jon Ackley, Associate Professor and creator of the class, "From Dirt Track to Madison Avenue: The Business of NASCAR" Virginia Commonwealth University.

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